A very prominent feature Anselmo home is the high professional level of its managers and workers.

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The products used in home Anselmo for making lids are top quality.

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The tapas menu Anselmo House also includes more traditional.

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The new culinary trends also have a presence in the supply of Anselm House.

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Trated personal

At Home Anselmo, customers are treated as if they were in their own homes.

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Anselm House is on Loch Street, in the heart of the Seville town of Lebrija.

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Cold tapas

The cold tapas offering spacious and attractive letter Anselmo House make a difference.

Hot Tapas

The exquisite hot tapas Anselmo House offer traditional flavors and new high quality.


For the most discerning palates, House specialties Anselmo give the answers they seek.


And to go with everything as it should be, Home Anselmo surprised with one vast wine list.

To taste in Lebrija traditional and innovative dishes accompanied by fine wines and beers, nothing better than Anselm House".